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Happiness Training for Everyday Life

Evidence-based practical tools to boost happiness at a personal, relationships, and global level. Learn to fall in love with life again :-)

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Hi! My name is Aidan, thank you for visiting my site. I'm a tour-guide, life coach and public speaker based in Barcelona. I combine my academic training in psychology and history with my professional training as a tour guide to offer a unique experience. 

If you are reading, it's probably because you are curious about how to live happier. My area of expertise is the field of Positive Psychology, an incredibly useful science offering practical tools to improve our lives and the lives of our loved ones. My passion is to share these tools in an educational and entertaining way in order to empower people to make the most of their time on this earth, to maximise their happiness potential, to savour the positive and make the most of each moment.

Learn how to become happier - this is a gym workout for the mind.

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Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and human behaviour. Positive Psychology, also known as 'the Science of Happiness', specifically focuses on the positive aspects of human mind and experience: joy, connection, love, awe, sense of meaning and purpose, altruism. Positive mental health is more than the absence of illness: it is about thriving, 'flourishing', learning how to take progressive steps towards becoming the best version of ourselves. Positive Psychology is a science because it is evidence based and subjected to the rigour of the scientific method: you don't have to believe anything at face-value, the evidence speaks for itself.

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Tourist in Barcelona
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"Really insightful tour and run exceptionally well by the guide. Very immersive and captivating. Loved every minute of this tour and how much Aidan enjoys delivering it!"

Jessie, April 2023

"First time we do something like this, and we absolutely loved it! Aidan is such a lovely and genuine lad, he easily puts a smile on your face just by talking. The tour made us see things in a different way thanks to all the scientific facts we learnt. My boyfriend and I kept talking and exchanging ideas for hours even after the tour was over! If you are thinking about joining this activity, just do it!"

Luana, April 2023

"Aidan’s tour is such a holistic masterpiece of history and happiness. It’s not like any walking tour I have been on. He is engaging, interactive and really has a special way of incorporating real life social concepts to the history of the city. Honestly, book while you can, his skill and knowledge surpasses the expectations I would’ve had for a tour guide. He’s clearly passionate about what he does and the people he interacts with. Thank you Aidan for a Master Class in tour form."

Arrington, March 2023

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